Call Continuity from Mobile GSM network to WebRTC

In  the present age of IP telephony when telecom convergence is the big thing all around the world , need of the hours is to enable fixed and mobile Service Providers ( SP )  to monetize the subscriber’s phone number by extending it to new web based services.SPs can offer a WebRTC Communicator endpoint that uses the same phone number as the subscriber’s fixed or mobile phone.

Advanced features…

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Service Harmonization between various telecom generations

I shall be editing this post to discuss more on the process of Service Harmonization to save the Telecom Service Provider the trouble of rewriting call logic with every telecom generation evolution ie IN to SIP to Web based .

The Service Harmonization Layer does the job of holding all new and legacy services while providing uniform interface to interact with access network regardless of the…

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Simple words :

Nodejs lets you write web apps that use Javascript on both the server and the client, so you don’t need to know multiple programming languages to program your website. It’s also really good at handling real-time concurrent web applications, which makes it a great choice for a lot of modern web apps.

Technically :

Node.js is different from JavaScript development in a browser .…

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Working with GIT

Intrinsically I learned that like just as driving a car

  1. Open the door
  2. Put the key
  3. Ignition
  4. Drive

there are 4 major steps for git to function .

  1. Make a project and add the repo link

git remote add origin <remote repository URL>

2. Identify and add the files .

git add .  // use this to add everything

git add <filename > // use this just to add the specified filename

3.Commit them to local repository

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WebRTC Media Streams
—SDP signaling and negotiation for media plane

—Media plane adaptation is done at the SBC for network carried media,

—Media plane adaptation/support should be done for all network hosted media services which face peer-to-peer media clients

—SBC is utilized to enhance compatibility by modifying SDP contents as necessary and engaging appropriate media servers or transcoding resources.


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security for WebRTC applications

—The general goal of security is to identify and resolve security issues during the design phase so they do not cost service provider time, money, and reputation at a later phase.

—Security for a large architecture project involves many aspects, there is no one device or methodology to guarantee that an architecture is now “secure”

—Areas that malicious individuals will attempt to attack include…

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Regulatory and Legal Considerations with WebRTC development

This post is deals with some less known real world implication of developing and integrating WebRTC with telecom service providers network and bring the solution in action .The  regulatory and legal constrains are bought to light after the product is in action and are mostly result of short nearsightedness .  The following is a list of factors that must be kept in mind while webRTC solution…

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SIP Presence

We have already learned about Sip user agent and sip network server. SIP clients initiates a call and SIP server routes the call . Registrar is responsible for name resolution and user location. Sip proxy receives calls and send it to its destination or next hop.

Presence is user’s reachability and willingness to communicate its current status information . User subscribe to an event and receive…

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A legacy telecom network

I use the term legacy telecom system many a times , but have not really described what a legacy system actually is . In my conferences too I am asked to just exactly define a legacy system . Often my clients are surprised to hear what they have in current operation is actually fitted in our own version of definition of ” Legacy system ” . 

This write up is an attempt to describe the legacy…

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Challenges in Migration to IMS

Since long I have been advocating the benefits of migration to IMS  from a current fixed line / legacy/ proprietary VOIP / SS7 based system . However I decided to write this post on the challenges in migration to IMS system from a telecom provider’s view.  Though I could think of many , I have jot down the major 4 . they are as follows :

Data Migration challenges
  • Establishing a common data model…

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