• What is IM SSF  ?IP Multimedia Service Switching Function is a  gateway to provide IN service such s legacy VPN ( Virtual Private Network ),


  • What is RIMSSF  ?

Reverse IP Multimedia Service Switching Function Works on reverse principle to connect IN network  to IMS services using IMS services such as FMFM ( find me follow me ) .


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thoughts on a Fullproof communication platform

thoughts on a Fullproof communication platform

How easier would it be if there was a infrastructure that could connect all devices all communication protocols , old legacy PSTN phones , vOIP  ones like  SIP all the PBXs of the worlds , GSM handsets even the very new WebRTC .

I have assembled my thoughts of a ideal communication platform in this blog-post , it involves GSM PLMN PBX IP with their respective gateways , meeting at a particular…

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sip over weblogic , using brekeke as registrar
Developers lab environment


Figure depicts a typical setup required for any telecom software developer

Detailed Explanation of components is as follows :

JSR 116 – SIP Servlet 1.0

SIP Servlet 1.0 API

  • JSR 116
  • Built into the Servlet container that also hosts portlets and HTTP Servlets.
  • SIP Servlet API developed under the JCP (Java Community Process) as JSR 116 (Java Specification Request), as a set…

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Mobility with webRTC and SIP

Mobility with webRTC and SIP

mobilitytrends Mobility trends in the last decade.

As Services like :

  • Social networking integration with telecommunication ,
  • seamless web connectivity ,
  • session continuity from tv to tablet to phone ,
  • multi devices session sync call ,
  • Voice mail  etc    ,

are popular hit among masses , it is high time to introduce a real-time  communication technology  that is not just device but Operating system agnostic too…

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on cloud number 9

on cloud number 9



MVC vs Struts2 vs Spring3MVC :



Spring 3
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MVC vs Struts2 vs Spring3

MVC : Struts2



Spring 3


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Tools for a Telecom software Engineer    
Evernote for notekeeping
Eclipse to do real programming

Github to upload download code
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Tools for a Telecom software Engineer


  • Evernote for notekeeping
  • Eclipse to do real programming
  • Github to upload download code
  • MySQ…

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