Difference between WebRTC and plugin based communication

Difference between WebRTC and plugin based communication

A lot of service providers ie telecom operators had deduced their own ways to provide Web based communication even before WebRTC was born . With time , as WebRTC has become stronger , more secure , resilient to failure they have come around to migrate their existing system from previous closed box native APIs to opensource WebRTC APIs.

The first figure ( given below ) depicts a communication…

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Features set JAINSLEE vs SIP/J2EE

Features set JAINSLEE vs SIP/J2EE

Feature Set JAINSLEE vs SIP/J2EE Portability Portability of JAINSLEE is limited to number of available applications servers on the market. Complexity 1) SIP Servlet components handle directly SIP signaling, there is no abstraction layer so there is no loss in network features. 2) If a comparison between SIP Servlets and JAIN SLEE is made it can be said that JAIN SLEE is a more complex…

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WebRTC web service to PSTN
Geolocation with SIP

Aim : 

The application is aimed to optimise the assignments of tasks to field works and engineers , with features such as user location reporting and location tracking of inventory at real-time .

Description :To map the users on a map ie geo-locate their devices so as to make a visual interpretation of their presence , calls and accessibility .  It will third party Map API’s to provide the…

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3G/4G to IMS
Legacy Telecom services

a)Virtual Private Network (VPN) :  An Intelligent Network (IN) service, which offers the functions of a private telephone network. The basic idea behind this service is that business customers are offered the benefits of a (physical) private network, but spared from owning and maintaining it

b)Access Screening(ASC):  An IN service, which gives the operators the possibility to screen…

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what should a telecom Solution startup do ?

what should a telecom Solution startup do ?

I have been contemplating points that make for a successful developer  to develop solutions and services for a  Telecom Application Server.  The trend has shown many variations from pure IN programs like VPN , Prepaid billing logic to SIP servlets for call parking , call completion. From SIP servlets to JAISNLEE open standard based communication.

I can assert with confidence that Telephony is…

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Business Challenges for a telecom service provider

Business Challenges for a telecom service provider

With the fast pace of telecom evolution both towards the access network front ( ie GSM , UMTS , 3G , 4G , LTE , VOLTE ) to core network side ( ie application servers , registrar , proxies , gateway , media server etc ) a CSP ( copntent service provider ) is trying hard to keep up with the user expectation . The user expects a plethora of services , reduced cost and high speed bandwidth . If this…

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